Dursun Karataş - Selected Writings

Dursun Karataş - Selected Writings

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Kitap Adı: Dursun Karataş - Selected Writings
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Foreword of the Publisher

He dedicated every single moment of 38 years of his life.
He thought for the revolution, he wrote for the revolution, he organized the practice for the revolution.
When he became a martyr on August 11, 2008, his name was written among those of the immortals.

His name was Dursun Karataş.

Namely, the Uncle of his comrades and his people.
The Uncle is immortal with his 38 years of revolutionary life.
He is immortal in terms of the revolutionary movement that he created and left to today with his leadership.

He is immortal with the traditions that he created. And with his writings.
He was a revolutionary who concretized the unity of theory and practice in his life, as it was the case for all Marxist-Leninist leaders.

In his long years of revolutionism, he was in a permanent theoretical and practical productivity. The richness and the concreteness that can be seen in the policies and in the organizational forms of the revolutionary movement were the reflection of Dursun Karataş’s productivity as well.
Of course, one aspect of this productivity was his writings.

His writings are an inseparable part of his mission of being a leader. But the writings of the Uncle should be separated into two. First there are the notes that he wrote daily for the cadres of the movement and that had a huge theoretical depth. Second there are his writings which were published in various journals.

His writings which were compiled here under the title of “Selected Writings” are composed of Dursun Karataş’s latter writings.

When we are talking about the writings of Dursun Karataş, another aspect that needs to be mentioned is the following: From the first book published by the Revolutionary Movement to the last, the Uncle made his contributions without exceptions. His suggestions, guidance and approval are everywhere from the first book of the movement “Liquidationism in the Revolutionary Movement and the Revolutionary Line” to “Sabancı Action: The Bullet th t Shook the Skyscrapers”, the book that was published just before he became a martyr.

In that sense, these “Selected Writings” are but a small part of what he produced. Primarily in the books “Liquidationism in the Revolutionary Movement and the Revolutionary Line”, “THKP-C and Two Deviations”, “We are Right and We will Win”, “Congress Documents-1: Report”, he took place in every single book, pamphlet and in the ideological and political productions of the movement throughout the 38 years history.

The majority of the Uncle’s writings that were compiled for this book are not about the theory and strategy of revolution. But they are about those who will realize this strategy. Because for the revolutionary movement which has a clarified strategic line, the primary problem is to realize that strategy and to train the cadres that will realize this strategic line. In a considerable part of the Uncle’s writings, you will see the stamp of this priority.

And you will also see that, for him the theory is a tool to solve the problems of the life and to develop the struggle of the classes, as it should be. In a nutshell, for him the theory is “to make the revolution in Turkey of the world”. The simplicity and the power of this can be seen in the writings of the Uncle. Theoretical speculations, pompous analyses that have and will not have any contributions to the revolution and revolutionary education cannot be found in his writings.

She who wants to change the world and our country, who wants to solve the problems of the revolution can find answers to her questions in the writings of the Uncle. But he who learns Marxism-Leninism not for the revolution but to chatter will not find what he wants.

Dursun Karataş is the guide of the revolution in Turkey.
His writings are one of the concretized forms of this guidance. “Selected Writings” are the records of his guidance.

We believe that the “Selected Writings” will be an important source for those who want to understand and comprehend the revolution in Turkey; and it will be an inexhaustible source of light for those who walk in the path of revolution.

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