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Canan And Zehra

Kitap Adı: Canan And Zehra
Yazar Adı: Ahmet Kulaksız 
Yayınevi: Tavır Yayınları
Basım Tarihi: 2003

Publisher's introduction
The book which you are about to read tells of a period in our country known as a test of humanity. It reveals only one page of this test, and also has the special characteristic of being an important historical document.

The number of deaths in resistance due to Death Fasts (note: hunger strikes until death, of a kind common among political prisoners in Turkey) over approximately one year will have increased by the time this book is published. But history will continue to record in its pages every moment that passes. Surely neither the pages of a novel nor the frames of a motion picture could sufficiently describe this historic resistance to fascism which started in our country's prisons and continues to emanate from them. Everyone in the resistance had to pay a price. Some paid the price with their lives, others lost their freedom. And then the re are others who have had to live with the grief of losing a child, which is perhaps one of the greatest losses. One of the men who lives with this grief is Ahmet Kulaksiz. Showing great respect for his children's beliefs and continuing to stand up under the weight of this loss, he has earned his place in our memory as a man who made all humanity reconsider what it means to be a father.

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