4 Şubat 2020 Salı

We Are Right And We Will Win (Haklıyız Kazanacağız- İngilizce)

Kitap Adı: We Are Right And We Will Win (Haklıyız Kazanacağız- İngilizce)

Everybody else has spoken.
Now it’s our turn.
Till now, everybody else has been speaking and we have been listening, but now it’s our turn!
Really, everybody has been speaking — whether with authority or not — about the DEVRIMCI SOL trial. The generals of September 12, for example, did not keep silent. They always spoke, when they were still wearing their uniforms and stars on their epaulettes, and they continued speaking when they became “civilians” again. The generals, internationally known as “Paul Hanze’s children”, attacked us from morning till evening, calling us “traitors to the fatherland”. They were talking about a country they had sold, piece by piece. Also, the torturers of the MIT, the political police with their electric shock treatment, their beatings and their “Palestinian hanging” have been speaking all the time. Of course the state prosecutors, the henchmen of the corrupt smuggler Süleyman Takkeci, weren’t backward when it came to talking either.

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